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Fleet Car Toolkit: 5 Things To Keep In The Boot

Fleet Car Toolkit: 5 Things To Keep In The Boot

You know the saying fail to be prepared and be prepared to fail? Well it’s true for pretty much everything, including the running of a car. There are certain things you should always have with you just in case.

When you’re managing a fleet of cars, it can be difficult to keep on track of everything you need in every single car, so we’ve pulled together a fleet car toolkit to help.

1 - Car Manual

This should be in the glove compartment when you buy or lease your car. You might be tempted to remove it and keep all your fleet car manuals together in your desk, but don’t. Manuals contain loads of important information that your employees might need to access when they’re out and about. For example, they may need to look up what a particular warning light means or remind themselves of the correct tyre pressure for this car.

2 - Tyre Pressure Gauge

Speaking of tyre pressure, stick a tyre pressure gauge in each car. Tyre pressure should be checked before every long journey (if you want to keep your cars and your employees safe) which would be pretty hard to do without a gauge.

3 - Foot Pump

If an employee checks their tyre pressure and it’s a bit low, they’ll need to pump up the tyre before they drive (unless you want to be dealing with ruined wheels). If they have a foot pump to hand, they can inflate their tyres to the correct pressure and be on their way.

4 - Breakdown Information

If you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, you will most likely have breakdown cover (and if you haven’t, get yourself some sorted). When a breakdown occurs, the last thing you want is your employees phoning you left, right, and centre demanding breakdown info. Stick a business card in the glovebox with breakdown information on so that employees can get straight on the phone to them, rather than having to go through you. (Don’t forget to tell your employees it’s there!)

5 - A Warm Coat

Sometimes, your employees might find themselves rushing off to a meeting without picking up anything on their way out. What if they break down and have to wait for hours on the side of a windy motorway waiting for breakdown recovery? Stick a large, warm coat in the boot of each of your cars just in case.

Just Be Prepared

At risk of sounding like a Scout leader, just be prepared. You don’t want to put your employees in any situation that could have been avoided by just taking five minutes to throw a foot pump or a coat into the boot.

If you want to help avoid those breakdown incidents, rather than buying a second hand fleet that will end up draining your business of money, have a think about leasing. It takes away loads of the pressure of maintaining a fleet, plus, you essentially get to upgrade your cars every couple of years.