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How To Get The Best Out Of In-Car Technology

How To Get The Best Out Of In-Car Technology

Over the years our cars and vans have become so much more than vehicles for simply getting us from A to B.

From air-con and satellite navigation, to massaging seats and 3D surround sound systems, the 21st century automobile is nothing less than a mobile office, games, and living room in one. Inevitably, this leaves us with a multitude of options and features to decipher between when trying to pick the right car for your company fleet.

In this brief guide, we’re going to take a closer look at three of the most popular features found among mid-range vehicles: Satellite navigation, DAB radio, and Bluetooth technology. Although common, these technologies can still take some getting to grips with. But when fully understood and used to their potential, they can truly revolutionise the time you spend driving.

Satellite Navigation Systems or Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Many new vehicles today come fitted with satellite navigation systems. Whether you’re going to a client meeting in an unknown area, or taking a planned trip across the country, sat navs are an indispensable tool for making sure you get there safely and on schedule.

They not only calculate the best routes based on time and distance, but also by using up-to-the minute data on roadworks and weather warnings. Coupled with the fact that sat navs have highly accurate positioning, they essentially allow us to be better navigators than anyone who has come before us.

A few important things to consider when choosing a sat nav include the age of the mapping system being used, whether or not the display is 2D or 3D, and if updates are free or included in the price.

DAB Radio

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and refers to a mode of receiving radio broadcasts via digital signals.

Conventional analogue radios have been replaced by DAB for a number of reasons. For many, the biggest advantage of DAB radio is the greater choice of stations. In most big cities, you’re able to receive around double the stations of FM radio. Other benefits include being easier to use due to functions like presets, and also greater clarity thanks to less static and interference.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a DAB radio is the quality of the accompanying sound system. Along with other devices like sat navs, make sure to try it out when out on a test drive.

Bluetooth-Enabled Vehicles

For any business person who spends a lot of time on the road, a bluetooth-enabled vehicle is a must.

Most—but not all—new vehicles today come with bluetooth-enabled entertainment systems which can be easily linked to your smartphone or other bluetooth device. This allows you to take calls without the need to take your hand off the wheel or use a handsfree device.

It’s important to note that bluetooth technology among mobile device manufacturers is moving a lot quicker than it is with vehicle manufacturers. For that reason, some vehicles only support older technology, and so you should check if the car supports your device. Also as there are many options to choose from, find one that suits your level of technological expertise.

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