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Advanced Car Technologies we can expect by 2020

Advanced Car Technologies we can expect by 2020

We’re seeing a huge number of advancements in automotive technology lately, and in the next decade, automobile manufacturers and consumers alike will be positioned to reap the benefits.

Everyone from Tesla to Google to Ford has been working to overcome the final barriers to autonomous driving, and soon we could see a drastically different landscape when it comes to traffic on the roads. It’s likely that car safety will improve, and alongside it comfort.

Combine this with huge advances in the Internet of Things (IoT), in which millions of sensors will be sending information to wireless devices, and it looks like the future of cars could be very exciting.

But let’s be clear, these advances are not simply gadgets and toys. They’re not only important for luxury and comfort, they can also save your business money.

Here are some advancements in car technologies that we can expect to see by 2020.

The self-driving vehicle

Self-driving vehicles are cars that use techniques such as radar, GPS, lidar, odometry, and computer vision so that it can essentially drive itself. They reduce labor costs, improve safety and may all but eliminate a huge number of human driving errors.

Once this model is integrated into the public sphere the impact will be huge, with some futurists predicting that self-driving cars will completely disrupt the automotive industry. The widespread adoption of this technology is only a matter of time, as car services like Uber are already looking to bring in autonomous vehicles.

Real-time traffic updates

As more and more people begin to adopt applications that allow cars to mirror mobile displays, it’s only normal that GPS should become an integral part of the automobile.

However, what we are starting to see, and will only become more common, are real-time traffic updates. This means that your GPS will be able to advise you the best route in the moment, not just what is generally the best way to your destination.

The hope is that one day when enough cars are integrated into the system, autonomous vehicles could work together to make sure that congestion and accidents are far less likely to occur. This could completely change the landscape of our cities.

Comprehensive Driver Override Systems

While some cars already have brake override systems, this technology will mean that the car has the final say in all your actions and can quickly avert you from danger if need be.

Biometric Vehicle Access

With biometric vehicle access forgetting your keys will be a thing of the past. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about having your car stolen, as you’ll need a fingerprint or eye scan to access the vehicle. This is the same concept that’s been applied to cell phone and computer security.

Live health monitoring

If the driver is drunk or sleepy, the car will know and either take control of the vehicle or pull over. With biometric wearables that monitor everything from heart rate to blood alcohol level, we’ll be able to prevent many accidents from occurring well before they happen.

While some fear that the joy of driving may become a thing of the past, it’s more likely that the experience of driving will simply evolve, and become a source of entertainment and relaxation, as opposed to the stress associated with big city traffic.

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