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5 Benefits of Fleet Management Software

5 Benefits of Fleet Management Software

From tiny GPS devices to vast custom-built management systems, today, every business seems to be employing fleet technology in some form or other.

However, the full potential of such tech is still far from being realised. What many businesses have failed to recognise is that it’s not the system or software itself that adds value to your business, but how you use it.

That’s why no matter how advanced the technology, it’s only as good as the person or company that's managing it. So with that in mind, read on to discover five benefits that fleet management software — in the hands of experts — can bring to your business.

1. Vehicle Tracking

Tracking your fleet is about much more than keeping tabs on where your team is. A high-quality fleet management system will track everything from repairs and cost per mile to insurance information and vehicle usage.

Logging such data allows businesses to analyse how efficiently they're running their fleet. And, as a result, gain insights that enable them to take preventive measures in areas like maintenance and procurement, significantly minimising investment of time and money.

2. Parts Inventory

Every fleet manager knows the importance of keeping a properly managed database of parts — it’s one of the most costly and time-intensive elements of running a fleet.

What this usually looks like is a custom spreadsheet with impossible to understand rules and categories that only confuse things when you come to re-ordering. Dedicated fleet management software takes all the complications out of re-ordering, cross-referencing parts, tracking vendors, and checking part usage. But what makes it so effective is how it can do it all automatically, without your input, and even analyse components to ensure you're always reducing costs and improving performance.

3. Replacement Vehicles

The last thing a business wants is to be left stranded while their vehicles are in the garage. Working with a leasing company that uses fleet management software avoids this dilemma by hooking you up to their network of on-demand replacement vehicles.

With preemptive planning and full vehicle tracking, you’ll never be stuck without transport, whether it’s for a few hours, days, weeks, or months. Depending on the company you work with, the cost of replacement vehicles may even be included in your service fee.

4. Data security

Running your own fleet management software can be a daunting task. But if you're working with a company that does it for you, you've also got to ensure they have robust security protocols in place to protect your company data.

There’s no better way to find out what security measures they take than by asking, and it goes without saying that the more reputable and professional the company the more likely they are to take such matters seriously. Look for a fleet management service with experience offering maintenance administration services to businesses that have their own vehicles.

5. Fuel management

You don’t need me to tell you that fuel is one of the largest expenses of maintaining a fleet.

Using fleet management software to manage your fuel usage, transactions, and costs can help you save a significant amount each year. It can also be beneficial for fuel tax reporting and evaluating best practices for emission compliance. In the hands of experts, there are really no limits to how much time and money fleet management software could save you.