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New Van Scrappage Scheme Offers Incentive for Electric Vehicles

New Van Scrappage Scheme Offers Incentive for Electric Vehicles

​As technology is moving at an extraordinary rate, many small businesses across the country are finding new ways to best benefit themselves to stay competitive and compliant with many legislative changes in a confusing market.  In recent days, news has emerged that micro-businesses and charities across London will be offered an incentive of £6,000 to buy an electric van, or £3,500 towards funding cleaner alternatives for their vehicles.

Opening last Friday (February 22nd), this new scheme is aiming to aid micro-businesses and charities prepare for the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), which will be running across London 24-hours a day, seven days a week from April 8th. In preparation for this latest legislative change, the government has given even more encouragement for these businesses by offering grants to cover the costs of the electric vans, reducing the cost of an electric van of up to 20% or a maximum of £8,000. So, if you’re a micro-business, this is an excellent opportunity for you to benefit!

For example, with no discounts being considered, an electric Renault Kangoo 33kWh Business Van would cost £24,730. The Mayor of London’s £23 million van scrappage scheme has been designed to complement the plug-in van grants to help microbusinesses (defined as a business with 10 or fewer employees) and registered charities who currently have vans and cars that do not comply with the new ULEZ standards from April.

Here’s where Marshall Leasing comes in. With our consultative approach, this helps us analyse your business’s requirements, ensuring that you are taking advantage of the incentive on offer to maximise your green credentials. As a result of this, we can ensure that you can reduce the costs of operating a fleet in a busy inner-city area such as London.

Whether you’re a business large or small, Marshall Leasing can help with all of your fleet requirements. Visit our dedicated ‘Products’ section on our website here, or call us on 01480 414541.



(photo credit to Sunday Times Driving)


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