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Quantum technology could reduce EV charging time to three minutes

Quantum technology could reduce EV charging time to three minutes

Quantum technology could reduce the charging time of electric vehicles from ten hours down to just three minutes. 

Scientists from the Institute for Basic Science in South Korea are researching the possibility of dramatically reducing charging time through the use of quantum physics by charging all of the cells in the battery simultaneously, as opposed to independently of one another as traditional EV batteries do. 

The Institute said, “While the maximum charging speed increases linearly with the number of cells in classical batteries, the study showed that quantum batteries employing global operation can achieve quadratic scaling in charging speed.

“To illustrate this, we will consider a typical electric vehicle with a battery that contains about 200 cells.

“Employing this quantum charging would lead to a 200 times speedup over classical batteries, which means that at home charging time would be cut from 10 hours to about 3 minutes.

“At high-speed charging stations, the charge time would be cut from 30 minutes to mere seconds."

Though quantum technology is still in its infancy, Israeli battery developer StoreDot has already secured funding for developing battery cells capable of delivering 100 miles (160 kilometers) in five minutes of charge by 2024. StoreDot is just one of several organisations investing in faster charging technology. 

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