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TFL and London Borough Councils to issue £160 fines for cars veering into cycle lanes

TFL and London Borough Councils to issue £160 fines for cars veering into cycle lanes

Transport for London and London Borough councils are now able to issue penalty charge notices to drivers who veer into cycle lanes.

Offenders caught within the first six months of this new scheme will receive a warning rather than a fine. After this period, the fine will be £160, or £80 if paid within two weeks.

This comes after local councils throughout the country were recently handed the power to issue fines for traffic offences such as stopping in a yellow box junction.   

Head of Roads Policy for the AA Jack Cousins told The Daily Telegraph that road markings need to be clearly visible to prevent ‘doubt’ over offences, which could become an issue if the penalty is seen to be ‘excessively enforced’. 

A spokesperson for TFL said, “From a TFL perspective, the ideal is that we issue no fines since that would mean that all road users are following the rules and therefore the roads would be far safer. Fines are issued to road users who behave unsafely”. 

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