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Care by Volvo to Make Owning A Car as Easy as A Smartphone Contract

Care by Volvo to Make Owning A Car as Easy as A Smartphone Contract

"In a time where consumers are used to transparent flat fees for all sorts of services, the traditional process of buying and owning a car can be perceived as rather complicated. Care by Volvo changes all of that.” —Hakan Samuelsson, President and Chief Executive of Volvo Cars

With the launch of the latest iPhone model, the iPhone X, it has officially became possible to lease a car for less than the cost of a smartphone contract. And with its new monthly service package, the luxury automaker want it to be just as easy, too.

Alongside its new XC40 compact SUV, Volvo recently introduced the scheme under the name Care by Volvo. The vehicle leasing subscription plan allows drivers to bundle the running costs of the vehicle into the typical monthly payments, much in the same way you would a mobile phone.

In the words of its new ad, with Care by Volvo, “Having access to a new Volvo car, becomes as quick, easy and hassle free as signing up for a streaming services for your favourite TV shows.”

But as a vehicle, even the latest iPhone doesn’t come close to the service’s fixed subscription fee. Rates start at £629 a month, although for that you do get insurance, road tax, and servicing. And let’s not forget, a brand new luxury sedan or SUV.

And if you’re looking for the complete care package, Volvo is also offering a concierge service that takes care of fuelling, cleaning, and pick up and drop off when the vehicle needs servicing. Through it drivers can also access new digital features such as the convenient in-car delivery service.

Like many mobile phone deals, Care by Volvo contracts last two years and throughout that time you never really own anything. One of the reasons the vehicle leasing model is so popular is that when the contract is up, customers will have typically paid only a fraction of the cost to buy outright — in the case of the XC40, customers pay £15,000, half the cost of owning the standard model.

In this way, customers pay less, are not landed with owning an asset that has depreciated in value, and are normally eligible to update to a new model of their choosing.

Another perk of being involved in a scheme like Care by Volvo is that you have access to a fleet of other vehicles. So whenever you’re in need of a saloon for a meeting or a sportier vehicle for a long-distance client visit, then simply temporarily swap your vehicle for another.

Volvo is gradually rolling the scheme out across its model lines. The Care package is initially only available on its T5 and D4 Momentum models, with other XC40 variants coming soon.

Care by Volvo is without a doubt a luxury package, designed to attract certain individuals who’re happy to pay a little extra for convenience and ease. But for businesses who run a number of vehicles, the full-service package is already popular. Options like Contract Hire from leasing companies can offer much the same benefits while at the same time being incredibly economical.

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