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​This policy sets out Bank of Ireland Group's Energy Programme, based on industry best practice,  and the  requirements of legislation and building  regulations,  but cognisant of the operational  needs of the organisation.

Bank of Ireland (UK)plc  seeks to  be a responsible  energy manager,  promoting energy efficiency throughout its operations,  and reducing our use of energy resources. We also promote the  importance of good energy management for the economic,  social  and environmental well-being  of its employees, customers and businesses.

Bank of Ireland (UK)plc  as a  nationally recognised market leader in financial  services and a responsible  property manager is committed to:

•     Improving our energy performance

•     Reducing our emissions of greenhouse  gases

•     Reducing our energy costs

•     Reducing our dependence  on finite fossil fuels


We operate  a  process of continual  improvement through our group wide  ISO 50001 energy management system which enables,

•     Setting objectives and targets and developing  energy action  plans

•      Measuring energy use on an ongoing basis and using this  information to regularly review  policy,  objectives, targets and the  allocation  of resources

•      Educating and training contractors involved  in building  operations to ensure they deliver services  in an energy efficient manner

•      Raising awareness amongst employees on energy usage; encouraging, guiding and supporting staff to act in accordance with this energy policy

•               Ensuring all major programmes  including procurement of products,  services or design activities undertaken  within the Group consider the ongoing energy related  costs - total  cost of ownership  - as part of the investment assessment criteria

The scope  includes the energy management of all administration  buildings and retail branches within  ROI/NI  &GB including Head Office,  Global Markets,  IT and Operations Centres.

Bank of Ireland (UK)plc is a signatory to the BITC Carbon  Pledge and has committed to reducing our 2011 carbon  emissions by 50% by 2030.

Bank of Ireland (UK)plc  recognises the  importance  of energy efficiency  and is making available all the  necessary information  and appropriate  resources to  achieve the  above objectives and targets

In  line with the Bank of Ireland (UK)plc  Group Code of Conduct (January  2019), we will also "comply  with the  law,  any applicable regulatory directives  and all relevant codes of practice"  with  respect to energy management.  This compliance will extend  to  all Group policies and commitments and any external commitments,  such  as our participation  in SEAi's  LIEN.

This Bank of Ireland (UK)plc  energy policy is reviewed  annually as part of the  senior management review of the  ISOS000l  Energy  Management System.

This policy  is  available  on the  Bank of Ireland (UK)plc's  Yammer  site,  and also on the  Bank's website  www.bankofireland.com.

The facilitation  of a  clean environment  and effective  environmental  protection  is  a fundamental  aspect  of good business  practice.   Bank of Ireland Group  recognises  that  its business activities  have an impact  on the  environment,  both  globally  and locally. Therefore, it  is  our policy to  minimise the  impact of our operations  on the  environment.

The scope includes  the  management  of environmental  impacts  of all administration buildings and retail  branches  within  ROI/NI  & GB including Head Office,  Global  Markets,  IT and Operations  Centres.

We are  actively  engaged  in  pollution  prevention  measures  through  the  ongoing identification,  control  and reduction  of those  significant  environmental  impacts  associated with  our activities.

These include:

•     Consumption  of utilities  i.e.  electricity/gas/oil

•     Water  consumption

•      Paper  consumption

•     Waste  management

•     Supplier and subcontractor control

We are  also committed  to  a  process of continuous  improvement  of environmental performance through:

•       Implementing  this  policy  by setting  objectives  and targets  and developing environmental  programmes

•        Measuring  environmental  performance on an ongoing  basis and using this information  to regularly  review  policy,  objectives,  targets  and the  allocation  of resources

•      Encouraging,  guiding  and supporting  staff to act  in accordance  with  this environmental  policy

•        Working with  suppliers  and sub-contractors  to  minimise  their  environmental impacts  and to  adhere  to  this  policy  when  working with  Bank of  Ireland

•      Auditing  and monitoring  operational  environmental  risks and reviewing practices where necessary


We are  committed  to  complying  with  all relevant  environmental  legislation.  The Group  is also committed  to  supporting environmental  initiatives  in society,  the  economy  and the business community.

This Bank of Ireland (UK)plc Environmental  policy  is reviewed  annually  as part of the  senior management  review  of the  ISO14001  Environmental  Management  System.

Our Green Policy

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