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Marshall Leasing have teamed up with an innovative, UK based telematics company that is committed to providing industry-leading tracking products for the fleet market. Our solutions provide organisations with the insights they need to improve performance, worker safety, discover cost savings and stay compliant with regulations.

Whether you are a large multi-national organisation or a small, local company, MarshallMatics has made it easy to take advantage of next generation telematics and access crucial business intelligence quickly.


Driver Score 

Highlighting and managing negative driving habits can have a major impact on fuel consumption, carbon emissions and vehicle wear and tear. There is also a proven correlation between driver behaviour and the likelihood of accidents which can seriously impact the amount you pay for insurance. MarshallMatics’ Driver Score enables fleet operators to monitor driving patterns and take remedial action to curtail negative behaviours and lower potential risks, reduce maintenance costs and improve operational performance.

As well as monitoring driving behaviour such as speeding, acceleration and braking, Driver Score will also provide insights into typical usage patterns. This covers the times of use, the type of roads being driven on and more. This intelligence is arming organisations with evidence of ‘low risk’, helping to lower insurance premiums.  Companies deploying Driver Score have been able to:

  • Reduce insurance costs by 30%
  • Cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20%
  • Curtail maintenance costs across an entire fleet

For more information on Driver Score, please click here.


Crash Detection

Early notification of any accident provides fleet operators with the opportunity to instantly check on the wellbeing of drivers and seek immediate recourse. By raising an alert when vehicles are involved in a collision, MarshallMatics’ Crash Detect helps fleet operators to manage the potential business consequences quickly and efficiently. When an impact event is detected, a First Notification of Loss (FNOL) report is generated and sent to a prepopulated list of email recipients containing information on the crash location, accelerometer data and a freeze frame breakdown of activity in the time leading up to and immediately following the event.

When integrated with Matrix Driver Score technology, this solution can also help reconstruct accidents and provide evidence of a driver’s behaviour before a crash. This sophisticated telematics system provides data covering several factors – including the speed, braking, steering, cornering rate and g-force of the vehicle. The information provided can prove vital data during an insurance claim.

For more information on Crash Detection, please click here.


Vehicle Location

All tracking devices feature a GPS antenna which will identify vehicle location at all times. This location is communicated via GSM network to the telematics servers and presented on the user portal using Google maps in Map, Earth and Street View formats.  Whilst viewing a vehicle’s map location it is also possible to view the current traffic status on the map at the click of a button.

Login and view the latest data from any web enabled PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet with no additional software download, providing instant access to the location and status of your entire fleet on one screen.

For more information on Vehicle Location, please click here.


Incident Cam

Automated event driven alerts with video footage allows fleet operators the ability to remotely view and control any incidents or RTAs.

  • Add HD Video evidence to crash/incident reports
  • Enhance driver behaviour reports with in-car real-time video analysis
  • Remote video downloads on demand

No longer do you have to rely on simple packets of data to view crash incidents and dangerous driving antics. MarshallMatics offer the next generation of telematics, meaning that you can actually watch an incident unfold in front of your eyes, minutes after it happened.

For more information on MarshallVision Incident Cam, please click here.

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