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If you wish to take your vehicle abroad you will require a VE103 (Vehicle on hire) certificate which, subject to your company’s approval, can be obtained directly from Marshall Leasing.  Each certificate is valid for a single vehicle only and covers any European trips within 12 months of issue.  To request a new or replacement certificate complete the form below.  Please allow a minimum of 10 days for the issuance of the documentation, which will be sent directly to your home address unless otherwise requested.

The vehicle must be fully insured for overseas travel, the responsibility for which lies with your company.

Low Emission Zones

Many cities in Europe are introducing Low Emission Zones (LEZ's), in much the same way that the London Congestion Charge works, some cities will issue fines depending on the emissions of your vehicle. In certain circumstances (Germany for example) a copy of the V5C Registration Document is required to apply for the appropriate environmental classification sticker which must be displayed on your vehicle. Please visit the following website to ensure you understand the requirements before you travel:

For those contracts which do not include European Roadside Assistance we recommend that you purchase this additional cover from the AA.  This can be arranged on 08000 280958.

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Do you require a copy V5C
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The VE103 will be issued within the next 5 working days and will be sent directly to the home address as indicated above.
NB.The VE103 is the only Marshall Leasing’s permission. Please consult your employer’s company vehicle policy to check for other specific requirements or authorisation.
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