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Marshall Leasing Chooses In-Car Cleverness as Telematics Partner

Marshall Leasing has partnered with vehicle-to-business technology provider, In-Car Cleverness, to provide an advanced telematics offering to its customer base. The deal will support the Marshall Leasing tailor-made, customer-focused approach. It will also help deliver significant savings to businesses. 

Jonathan Ross, Marshall Leasing Sales & Marketing Director, explained the move: “Every business is different and we needed technology that not only allowed us to respond to those differing needs, but also provided a suite of services to help our customers manage their priorities – be that driver behaviour, improving fuel efficiency, lowering insurance costs or HMRC compliance. In-Car Cleverness does that for us."

In-Car Cleverness delivers a feature-rich and scalable solution for fleets, irrespective of size. It recently launched a multi-feature smartphone App for drivers and a leasing option to eliminate up-front capital expenditure for businesses running fleets of up 250 vehicles.

“We are now in an era of vehicle relationship management, in which technology and big data play a significant role in improving the bottom line of any business running a fleet of vehicles,” said Tim Eaves, Commercial Director for In-Car Cleverness. “We know first-hand that businesses are looking for answers.”

Designed to be offered as a customisable telematics solution, the In-Car Cleverness platform allows users to personalise the interface, tailor the data interrogated and define how it is analysed.

Customers who sign up to Marshall Leasing's new telematics package can benefit from the new In-Car Cleverness smartphone App, which includes location-based services ‘Nearest Fuel’ and ‘Local Parking’ for all their drivers. With the ‘Journey Logger’ data automatically feeding into the central administrative function, businesses benefit from accurate and time-saving HMRC compliance.

Marshall Leasing, which is part of the family owned Marshall Group, was recently acknowledged by ACFO as Fleet Service Company of the Year 2013.

In-Car Cleverness is part of the Automotive & Insurance Solutions (AIS) Group of Companies, which includes Accident Exchange, DCML and APU.


MARSHALL LEASING LTD is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 156897, whose registered office is situated at Bow Bells House, 1 Bread Street, London EC4M 9BE


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