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5 of The Best Electric Company Cars in 2018

5 of The Best Electric Company Cars in 2018

With businesses accounting for around half of all new car sales, manufacturers are continually working to build the best company cars as possible. And as fuel-efficiency is high on the priorities of every fleet manager today, that means a healthy market of mid-range electric and hybrid vehicles.

But as more and more EVs are produced and carmakers orientate their strategies toward green energy, it can be difficult for businesses to know where to start. Not every EV fits the specs for a company car, and so it’s important to whittle down the pile so that the real gems can begin to shine through.

Here are five of those electric gems that deserve consideration by every business looking to lease or invest in a greener fleet in 2018.

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

The Audi A3 Sportback e-tron is without a doubt one of the best all-round, eco-friendly hatchbacks on the market.

As well as beating the BMW i3 and Ford C-Max Energi on almost every performance marker, it also packs a decent sized boot, high-quality construction, and a balanced, refined driving experience.

However, above all it’s greatest quality is its electric motor and 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine. Combined, they produce 201hp and claim to return 176.6mpg, with very few CO2 emissions. Its electric-only range is modest but fair at 16 miles, and so it makes both a great city and cross country vehicle.

Mercedes E350e

Along with fuel economy, the Mercedes E350e is perfect for the business that places high pride on ride quality and comfort, not to mention its presentation to clients and competitors.

This model is the most environmentally friendly option, with an electric motor and 2.0-litre petrol engine that offers 134mpg while emitting just 49g/km of CO2. Even as a spacious hybrid, it still manages to churn out 281hp, offering enough power for a strong and steady ride. Drivers can expect around 15-21 miles on electric power only, making it on par if not greener than its rival the e-tron.

BMW 330e

The BMW 330e is almost identical from other 3 series, a line of cars which have long been one of the most popular options for business executives and company fleets.

The 330e, however, takes all the fun and comfort of the 3 series and adds fuel efficiency into the mix to make a sporty and eco-friendly saloon. With an electric motor and a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine, it delivers 249hp while emitting only 44g/km of CO2 emissions. You’ll also get a respectable 25-mile range on electric power only.

Toyota Prius Plug-In

The Prius has been the car of choice for people and businesses that want to wear their eco-friendly badge proudly on their sleeves. The Prius Plug-In, however, offers more refined styling, room, and performance, to make it much more of an understated and balanced green vehicle.

With its new powertrain, the Plug-In offers 282mpg, CO2 emissions of 22g/km, and a range of 30 miles. The all-electric top speed of 83mph allows for a swift and efficient ride, and the increased interior space means there’s no sacrifice in comfort.

Renault Zoe

A supermini electric car that Renault claims will be the world’s best selling EV, the Zoe is certainly a super cute and economical city car. But perhaps the reason it will claim this accolade is because, unlike most EVs out there today, it was not based on existing models but built entirely from scratch.

Inside in its modern interior, it does, however, borrow some styling elements from the Clio. But its electric motor that delivers 87hp is its own, offering swift acceleration and a range of between 60 to 130 miles, depending on the model. To top it all, it comes in at a hefty wedge cheaper than the typical company car, and most other EVs in our list.


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